India Tour Sights

India ranks as the seventh largest country in the world and has the second highest population in the world. It is a diverse mix of culture and the modern world. There is so much to see and do while in India. Exquisite cuisines, a mix of cultures, fantastic beaches, splendid architecture, and much more. Some of the popular tourist attractions sites include;

  1. India Tour SightsThe Taj Mahal

This is the most recognizable building in India. It was built back in the 17th century in memory of Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife. 20,000 workmen built it for 22 years. For the major part, it is made of white marble with delicate floral patterns and precious stones. It is most beautiful at dusk or dawn due to the color reflection on the Yamuna River. Other attractive features around the palace are reflecting pools, ornamental gardens, and other beautiful buildings.

  1. The Golden Temple

Harmandir Sahib is referred to as the Golden Temple because of its golden decorations. The splendid architecture is a mix of Hindu and Islamic styles. The most sacred of all Hindu shrines attracts people of all kinds of faith with its peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Prayers are chanted continuously from the Sikh holy book.

  1. The Holy City of Varanasi

This city is of great significance to the Hindus as it is a pilgrimage center. Ganges River is one important symbol in the Hindu religion and Varanasi has been associated with it. It dates back to the 8th century, making it one of the oldest cities in the world to still be inhabited. You can visit the temples in the areas. You will witness an alluring view of pilgrims at sunrise set against the backdrop of the temples doing their devotions. For art, paintings, and manuscripts, Kala Bhavan is the go-to museum while Banaras Hindu University boasts of its library with over one million books.

  1. Ellora Caves

This is one of the world’s largest monastery-temple cave complexes cut from rock. The caves were built by monks from the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist faiths between the 5th and 10th century.   34 are open to the public (17 Hindu, 12 Buddhist, and five Jain caves) but Ellora has a total of 100 caves They belong to Hindu, Jainism, and Buddhist religions. The largest single rock is found at Kailasa Temple whose size is twice the size of Parthenon in Athens.

  1. Kanha National Park

It is one of the largest parks in India and has been used as an inspiration for artists. An example being Kipling’s classic, The Jungle Book. It is among the most captivating wildlife reserves in all of Asia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a major a research and conservation zone area. Tigers are common in this Madhya Pradesh jungle and one can opt to take nature trails too.

  1. Goa

Goa’s coastline is home to fantastic beaches that overlook the Arabian Sea. This is the perfect go-to place for someone seeking a beach holiday for some peace and quiet. Other beaches are more crowded than others so you need to find what setting and location works for you. There is a wildlife sanctuary in Goa, home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Elephants, leopards, tigers, snakes, birds, etc., are some examples.

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