Make your Birthday memorable by hiring the best Limo in Columbia

Of all the most important days in a person’s life, your birthday deserves to be the most memorable because unlike the day you were born or the day you will die, you have a lot of control of what happens on your birthday.

Limo in ColumbiaDo more than cakes and songs

Typically, to celebrate your birthday you will call a couple of friends, share a meal, drinks and then cut the cake and sing merry-making songs. But, hasn’t this been done for too long?

To be honest, there’s nothing memorable in keeping it ‘typical’. You can be wise and create lasting memories by hiring a Limo from a reliable service provider like Limo Columbia and enjoy some good time viewing breath-taking scenes in Baltimore.

Trust me, when my wife suggested that we take a limo ride to Baltimore on my birthday I thought it would be just another ride, but no, the limo we got set the right ambience for self-reflection and cordial conversations with my wife.

Even before we reached our destination, Baltimore, we had had heart-to-heart conversations that made so much impact in our marriage. Had we kept it normal—remained at home drowning the remaining years of our precious lives in alcohol, we would have missed this important component of birthday celebration.

Not to say that, a shot of Scotch, Whisky or Martini is bad for your birthday party, the question is, where are you taking the toast?

Cordial staff and cool ambience

Immediately as we arrived, our driver helped us with our little luggage and took us to our seats. My ohh my! The seats were well polished and warm, set before huge flat screens for our entertainment. The fibre optic lights that we could adjust to our liking kept us smooching and whispering sweet nothings. This moment was reminiscent of our youthful days in marriage, the 33 years we had spent in our marriage melted away leaving nourished minds and empty souls that yearned for this present moment to last for eternity.

The driver was so helpful, at some point I even thought that he doubled up as our valet, because he would make stops along the way to give us the time to savour the beauty that nature had to offer, all the time cruising at a romantic pace. Yes, and the bar was filled with the type of drinks that stop time; toast after toast we wished each other longevity as cold martinis warmed our hearts.

Choice of music

Have you ever left for a destination and hoped that you took more time on the way? This was us, there was so much to choose from the wide array of music collections Limo Columbia had for us. With a DVD player in place and a huge screen to watch all we wished, my birthday rekindled the spark of music in our hearts as we salvaged our dancing feet back. If you want to do this on your birthday, try Marvin Gaye on dim blue fibre optic lights, you’ll be amazed.

Honestly, there is more to limo rides than the destination. With a wide range to choose from, rent a limo that will revive all the fun of your youth in few hours. I tell you, when I got back home, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of life. Sure, you can never go wrong by renting a limo for your birthday memories, these memories last forever.