Rhine Valley Tour

The Rhine is not only one of the most important waterways, but also one of the most captivating rivers in all of Europe. It flows for 1320 kilometers winding its way from Switzerland, Netherlands and finally to the North Sea. A favorite tourist attraction site is the German Rhine Valley section. Along the valley, the scenic beauty comprises of the historic towns and the several castles which have been an inspiration for artists, composers, and authors. The Rhine Valley has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the sites you will experience include;

  • The Palatinate ForestRhine Valley

This one of the largest forests in Germany found on the Upper Rhine. Its highest peaks boast of ruins of old castles. The area has excellent trails which make biking and hiking an everyday activity in the area.

  • Spa Town: Wiesbaden

As its name suggests, this town is a hub for spas, saunas, and thermal baths since time immemorial. It is a beautiful city famously known for its thermal springs with magnificent buildings.

  • Boppard’s Roman Legacy

Boppard is a small town that dates back to 2000 years ago. It is of great significance to the Romans as evidenced by the fortress they set up to guard the river. Other Roman fortifications can be seen in the Roman Camp, considered in Europe one of the best kept late-antiquity fortresses. An old wall, nine meters high, and 28 semi-circular towers are the remains found in this 4th-century site.

Ritter-Schwalbach-Haus, from the 15-century, is another old building to visit. It was a home to the members of the town’s aristocracy. You can also visit the site’s first Christian church which now has Romanesque St. Severus Church in its place.

  • Braubach and Marksburg Castle

The picturesque town of Braubach sits in the section that forms the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage. There are several beautiful towns with crooked streets and old timbered buildings which are exciting to explore. The Schloss Marksburg castle sits atop a hill at the town’s center dating back to 1117. In the Rhine Valley, it is the only hill top castle that has stayed put. The castle and the grounds can take hours to explore. If you prefer, you can have a guided tour.

  • Koblenz

You will find this town at the intersection of the Rhine and River Mosel. Previously, the Electors of Trier called this beautiful location home. This city is well known for its numerous historic sites such as St. Castor’s Church, Neoclassical Koblenz, Ehrenbreitstein, among others. The Deutsches Eck or the German corner is the point where Rhine and River Mosel make a spectacular and famous site. There exists another area known as Deutschherrenhaus. These are castle remains formed from the Teutonic Order. This place hosts several evening music concerts, especially during the summer.

There are several more beckoning sites to see in the Rhine Valley if you are in no hurry. Historical sites, great cities, exquisite cuisines, medieval castles, and a lot more.

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